Brand Development

Standing out from the competition is a challenge for any company in today’s business climate.

The number of offers and sales pitches we receive on a daily basis is simply staggering and is also increasingly ineffective due to marketplace clutter. A strong brand strategy can increase the awareness of your company and its products in a way that establishes strong feelings and reactions and a favourable view towards your company as a whole.

When most people think about a brand’s identity, they usually think about the name, the logo and maybe the tag line. But the brand identity consists of much more than that: It includes typestyles, colours, symbols, attitude and personality, brand voice and visual style, sounds and other audible devices, product design, package design, and the list could go on and on. The most powerful brands have a consistent brand voice and visual style from product design and packaging to retail environment and external communication.

If you have made it to the point where you want to franchise your business then you will already have a brand. But how effective is that brand? Is it merely a logo? Does your brand have a soul? Is its name suggestive of a key differentiating benefit? Do consumers like it? Do you have comprehensive brand identity standards and systems that address all uses of your brand’s identity elements? Do your brand systems address co-branding, co-marketing, brand licensing, strategic alliance and sponsorship situations? Do your brand systems address internal applications such as memos, employee and franchisee newsletters, screensavers etc.?....and much, much more.


With many years of experience in franchise marketing, Marketminds can review your brand strategy and provide solutions that will strengthen your brand and ensure that it is ready for the many applications that will be needed in a franchise.   


"We wanted to franchise our business & didn't know where to start..."

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