Business Strategy

Marketminds can assist the Senior Management Team or the Board of Directors by facilitating strategy workshops.

The workshops include:

  1. Positioning Strategy
  2. Positioning Statement
  3. Understanding the business that you are in (is there a change happening)
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Corporate Structure - Is it still working
  6. Blue Sky Workshop
  7. Management Team Protocol
  8. Board Protocol

Business strategy is the key to driving a business forward, it includes your marketing strategy but with much more.

A marketing strategy can be based on the 4 P's of marketing, Product, Price, Place and Promotions, but the business strategy should include further considerations such as:

  1. People and structure
  2. Financial management - Cash-flow, cash position and performance
  3. Asset management
  4. Risk Management
  5. Environmental issues
  6. Social responsibilities
  7. Systems management
  8. Exit strategy
  9. Technology

The business strategy should be reviewed each year to ensure that your business is changing with the times.

Marketminds can assist the senior management team or the Board of Directors with facilitating strategy workshops.