Business Mapping 

Marketminds, in aliance with Avatar Business Navigators, can provide you with a benchmarking system that delivers far more than benchmarking.

The Franchisees Benefits are:

  1. Monthly Diagnostic report ranking performance
  2. The ability to identify areas for improvement and best practice indicators
  3. Understand the business key drivers
  4. Greater responsibility and input into the action planning process
  5. Improved financial and business planning skills

The Franchisors Benefits are:

  1. Monitoring and analysis of the profitability and performance of the overall franchise group, including key trends 
  2. An improved ability to prepare strategic plans by distinguishing economic, market and operator specific issues impacting upon the business 
  3. Regularly test and validate the business model
  4. More productive field visits based on factual diagnostic and accepted action plans 
  5. Enhanced franchisee recruitment procedures and risk assessment

The clear parameters and the independent nature of the Business Mapping Program result in the establishment of true business partnerships.

The results? A “double lift” in rewards for individual franchisees, that flows through to the value of the franchise brand as a whole.

The Business Mapping Program features:

  1. Financial and business reporting, database, monitoring and report delivery 
  2. Quintile benchmarking and performance trend comparisons 
  3. KPI financial and performance analysis 
  4. Business Model testing and validation 
  5. Better risk profiling and franchisee recruitment 
  6. Stronger and more valued field visits and support 

"We wanted to franchise our business & didn't know where to start..."

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