Marketing your Brand to Consumers

While it is essential to have an effective plan to market to potential franchisees to ensure the growth of your business, if you do not have an effective plan to market your goods or services to consumers it is unlikely that potential franchisees will want to join your system.

The ability of your franchise to retain loyal customers and to attract new ones is essential to the success of both your franchise and your franchisees.

With their extensive experience as franchise marketing professionals, Marketminds can offer a complete package for marketing your goods and services to consumers, or supplement what you are currently doing with fresh ideas. Marketminds understands the importance of effective consumer marketing and can assist you in creating marketing programs that will continually attract new customers and impress potential new franchisees.

Marketminds can help you address the following key marketing challenges:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • The marketing Mix
  • What you should do, rather than your franchisees
  • What your franchisees should do
  • National advertising and promotions
  • National and Regional Advertising Verses Local Advertising
  • Brand Strategy