Marketing your Franchise

Most people in business are concerned with the sales of the product or service that they offer.

The franchisor has the additional burden of ensuring that there is a steady flow of sales of franchises in the system.

The franchise system will not be profitable for the franchisor until a number of franchised units are operating. The first franchisees in a system will not realise the benefits of group advertising, group purchasing power or trademark recognition until the number of franchisees in the system grows.

Therefore, the early development of an effective franchise marketing capability is a first priority in a new or emerging franchise system.

In addition to providing its clients with its proven proprietary franchising recruitment process, Marketminds can also assist emerging franchisors by designing a complete marketing package for attracting potential new franchisees.

The starting point for maximising interest from potential franchisees is the creation of a comprehensive franchise brochure and an effective website. Marketminds has extensive experience in developing these key tools.

A Marketminds franchise marketing package will also address the following key issues:

  • Where to promote cost effectively (advertising, promotion, internet, direct selling, trade shows, public relations)

  • Your advertising budget

  • Your promotional plan

  • Your promotional mix

"We wanted to franchise our business & didn't know where to start..."

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