Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is flying under the radar to grow your business.
Stealth Marketing is a cost effective way to do Local Area marketing for your business.
Stealth Marketing is a unique combination of relationship selling and local area marketing activities for small business.

Every time that I leave home, I come back with new business

Leaving home - It’s all out there, you just have to go get it, both physically and virtually

Stealth Marketing uses all of the low cost methods of promotion.

1. Networking
2. Referral marketing
3. Word of mouth
4. Data base marketing
5. Social media

The Product

Market Minds can offer training and workshops for your franchisees that will deliver a full Local Area Marketing Programme along with a reality check on taking ownership of their own success. The programme includes:

  1. Personal Selling techniques
    • Relationship Selling training
    • Overcoming the fear of selling
    • Overcoming the fear of price
  2. A full sales presentation process
    • Service businesses sales process
    • Retail business sales and customer service process
    • Training and role playing
  3. Local Area Marketing activities calendar
    • Low cost activities
    • General advertising activities
  4. Budgeting, measuring and monitoring formats
    • Calculating your advertising spend
    • Monitoring the activities effectiveness
  5. Marketing
    • Understanding what business you are in
    • Establishing the franchisees unique positioning statement
    • Understanding pricing